Participation, Security and Urban Management

It is a knowledge and communication platform applied to the City that promotes an effective interaction to those who interact in it (Citizens, Public Administrators, Government, Provider Companies), provides an advanced Management System of urban episodes that helps to improve the quality of life of citizens and encourages their participation.

It is a instrument of safety and quality in your hands , provides permanent and accurate information, acts as a channel of proposals for improvements and communication of incidents that helps manage public services effectively, applying best practices .

Its useful application contributes to the city being considered “Smart City” for the effectiveness of combining three fundamental areas, citizens, innovative technology and sustainable economy.

Acts as an element of disclosure/social network as it can share knowledge through this means in order to give visibility to security, conservation and improvement activities that are often subject to high social criticism.

Optimizes the use of data, facilitates the treatment and presentation of information in a way that evidences, without great effort, those critical or interesting aspects that help managers to make the most accurate decisions.

Benefits in15DAYS

Fast and simple implementation

What’sCity is made up of several reach utilities, including a web portal and an App for Smartphone that can be downloaded for both Android and IOS.